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Dutch Automotive Events is the organizer of various national and international motorized events. The most famous of these is the very successful concept ScanCoveryTrial, which is driven in beautiful Scandinavia. In addition, Dutch Automotive Events organizes various tours, rallies and advanced driver training at various locations in both the Netherlands and abroad. If you want to treat your employees, customers, suppliers etc. to a spectacular and successful event, please contact the organizers of Dutch Automotive Events.

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Experience the beautiful Scandinavia in a unique way.

Every year we organize a unique Ice Drive Experience in the ‘backyard’ of Volvo, our beloved Sweden. Our Ice Drive Experience combines the Scandinavian winter conditions and the brand new Volvo series, which creates an unique experience for anyone who loves a challenge.


You will drive several days on some of the most beautiful Swedish frozen lakes which are transformed to snow tracks. Within our experience we pay a lot of attention to the management of both under- and oversteering techniques. In addition, you go on an adventure with snowmobiles and last but not least you will join us on a unique husky trip. All this is offered in our brand new Ice Drive Experience.


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